Take off on an erotic journey that will whisk you away through the centuries of a society brimming with frivolous pleasure. When you step over the threshold you will be immersed in a world full of fantasy and fetishes, and for an intoxicating moment throw off the shackles of everyday life.

Paar Abend im Soho Graz

the soho…

Soho stands for sensuality, pleasure and entertainment for those who want to live their freedom and satisfy their hidden desires. This is the place where couples can live out their preferences and celebrate their lust in a stylish atmosphere. When the LifestyleClub opens its doors every Saturday, inviting guests on an erotic love adventure, they catch a glimpse of the hidden world of their most intimate desires. In the tandem of lust, they can completely give themselves over to the moment.

Soho bedeutet Sinnlichkeit, Genuss und Unterhaltung

wellbeing & more

Well-being and pleasure are the highest priorities. Opulent furnishings, themed rooms and a relaxed atmosphere caress the senses and bring all physical and emotional pleasures to the fore. All the while, we place special emphasis on high standards of hygiene throughout the premises.

Kulinarik im Soho Graz

just enjoy

As an aperitif, we serve exclusive culinary delicacies accompanied by fine wines and high-quality spirits, so that you can then devote yourself entirely to your sensuous activities. The guests’ tasteful evening dress lends the evening its very special charm. All those who want to enjoy the interplay of lust and guilty pleasure are welcome here.